buddies at the beach

My blog is called The Beauty In Eye because it’s about my life and things I find beautiful, my goal is to capture a picture of someone I think is beautiful in a place that is also beautiful and ask them what they find beautiful. This is my first time doing this and I forgot to ask my friends what they found beautiful because we were too busy enjoying Santa Barbara on this particularly beautiful day. But I did manage to snap a picture of their eyes!

Talia TrambertIMG_3026

Sierra GarciaIMG_3025

Lucas LarguraIMG_3027

Hayden LafondIMG_3024

I tried taking pictures of all of my friends eyes but as you can see it kinda hard looking at the sun so I just took what  could and later realized that it all turned out to look as I wanted it too. For the past week I have been following my friends around with a camera trying to capture every beautiful moment I could and at times some of my friends get annoyed with it, but I would just reply “sorry it’s for my blog”. My friends who I went to the Butterfly Beach with early this week asked me to put my camera down for  a couple minutes so that I would go paddle boarding with them, I wish I would have brought my waterproof camera with me so that I could document the peacefulness of paddle boarding with friends, but instead I just enjoyed the moment. My friend Sierra and I caught a wave coming back in and it ended with some blood and bruises as our board went nose first into the sand and the crashing wave. IMG_2154

I was grateful to have had my camera when I did to capture these moments, although there are many other things I could post since I have been taking pictures of my beautiful friends all week. Hopefully these pictures speak for themselves and show how amazing the city we live in is and also for people to notice the fun things I get to experience with the people I am lucky to see everyday.IMG_3028IMG_0010

with love,



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