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my happy place…IMG_3098

Beauty is everywhere, you can find it in the things that interest you the most and in the things you wouldn’t refer to as “beautiful” Beauty is the ability to love everything and anything about yourself and others. The ability to be surrounded by people who support and love you unconditionally is a part of beauty. The ability to be alone and support and love yourself is also beauty. For some people being alone may be a little scary or feel uncomfortable, but for be being alone is being free. IMG_3100When I take walks alone I usually go to “my spot” and sit there and watch the sunset. When I feel stressed or sad or overwhelmed I go here to sit, think and calm down so I can re-focus myself on the things that are most important in my life. I don’t just come here when life feels a little too heavy, I also come here when I just want to see a pretty view. My happy place includes this spot that is shown in the pictures, my favorite music, and sometimes my dog! I enjoy writing so when I come here I usually write stuff about my life in my notes on my IPhone while listening to John Mayer. I refer to this place as my happy place because I can come here and not think about anything else but enjoying the view. For many people their happy place could be anywhere, for me it’s the outdoors. I feel comfortable when I’m outside and where I can really breath and take a calming break from all of the craziness. imageI’ve always been aware of the beautiful place that I am privileged to live in and every day I try to embrace the craziness and calmness of this town, and find unexpectedly beautiful things. I know this sounds cheesy but if you happen to find time, find your own happy place and embrace everything about it.

with love,



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