family love

this week I found myself not knowing what to write about, I didn’t go to the mountains, or to the beach, or even to my “spot”. But what I did get to do was spend time with my favorite people in the world , my family! Family is the biggest thing in my life, I see all of my family including my grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins almost every weekend. So this week I wanted to write about the beauty of family love. But I wanted to write about one person in particular, he’s small but probably one of the most lovable person in my life. He is about 1 foot tall  and weighs about 20 pounds, his date of birth is 12.13.14 and his name is Santiago. He is currently learning how to walk and he is the happiest person I know. I decided to write about him because, if you know anything about me you know I LOVE babies. And he is one of my favorite! There is not one day that goes by where I don’t want to visit him and his older brother Leo (3). Let me tell you why I love him so much, his eyes are the cutest things in the world and every time he blinks with his perfectly long and curled eyelashes it melts my heart. And his smile is the most purifying feeling in the world. And when he laughs with his tiny little voice, it makes my day a little bit better. And when we play in his backyard filled with toys, and he gets really excited about the wheels on all of his toy cars. And the best thing is when I  walk into a room and he sees me and he smiles and reaches up for me to carry him and gets extremely happy. Thats what I love most about him. The fact that he gets so happy to see me and he doesn’t even know how happy that makes me. The unconditional love of a baby is hard to explain but its a feeling I wouldn’t trade for the worldimage

if family is a big part of your life like it is in mine, take a minute to appreciate the importance of family.

Here are some more photos of the most loving little boy in the world




with love,



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