one of my best friends and basically my soul sister. Our birthdays are 10 days apart and we are Leo’s. If you don’t know what that means, it is our zodiac sign (astrological sign). Most people believe that  different signs of the zodiac represent characteristics, traits, and talents. You determine your sign by your date of birth. For example Talia and I are Leo’s because our birth dates fit into the July 23-August 22 time frame. Talia is a strong believer of the power of the zodiac, she’s the only person I know who knows all of the dates of the signs, and at least 1 thing that’s significant about each sign. One of Leo’s stongest traits is the ability to be very warm-hearted, passionate, and generous. Leo’s are emotional (at times), but they hate to be ignored and they crave attention from the people they love the most.


So let me tell you why this special Leo is my soul sister. She has the longest blonde hair that’s wavy and makes her look like a lion at times, she’s one of the only people who will dance with me all night long. She has an amazing sense of humor.  She’s the most caring person in the world and probably one of the most selfless people I know. We get along really well and our relationship is hard to explain but to say the least, we’re the same person. She feels what I feel and I feel what she feels, and knowing that we are Leo’s we have a lot of the same characteristics and emotions.


This might sound crazy but something not many people know about her is that she is psychic!! She can tell when people are sad and she can feel when people are happy.  She once told me that she walked past someone at school and it felt like that person was happy and she didn’t even know the person but it made her happy too. She has the amazing ability to bring people’s spirits up when they are feeling down. So maybe she’s psychic or maybe it’s just in her nature. She helps me a lot and I try to do the same for her, we understand each other, and I was lucky enough to find a girl like her to be my best friend and soul sister.



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