This past summer I took a trip to Cancun, Mexico with my family. We stayed in the Zona Hotelera, which is the area where all of the hotels are and all of the best beaches. This particular area is also known as the “Night Life Area”. When the sun goes down, this place fills with loud music, lights, and people everywhere. This area is filled with dance clubs and tourists, and lots of fun things to do. The taxi driver that drove my family and I to our hotel from the airport was very nice and also very informative. He told us all of the things we should do during our trip and the best places to swim, eat, and relax! The water here was unreal! It was so crystal clear and very warm. Most of my mom’s cousins live in Cancun, so I spent my 15th birthday with our family, and it was so much fun! At first, I didn’t want our trip to extend into my birthday, but my mom’s side of the family made me feel very welcomed and loved. I later realized that how grateful I was to have taken this beautiful trip with my family.image


We were there for about a week and a half, and during those days we went on many fun and crazy adventures! We took a boat out to a close island and rode a golf cart all around, exploring the small island. Swimming in the open ocean was one of my favorite things that we did during this trip because it was so beautiful and peaceful, and because we went at a perfect time, it was around sunset time and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. We went to Cancun at the hottest time of the year, according to the locals. There was not one minute that you wouldn’t want to be in the beautiful water.


We also visited the ancient pyramids that were surrounded by beautiful greens everywhere and filled with iguanas!image

This trip was very memorable and extremely relaxing. I would definitely go back here for another vacation but for now, Santa Barbara is still my favorite place to be:) If you have taken a trip lately, find the time to appreciate where you went and that you had the chance to take that trip!imageimage

With love,



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