Bieber Fever

This past Saturday (3/26), I got to go to the Justin Bieber concert in Fresno, California.  My adventure started with the four hour drive to Fresno, which seemed long and was kind of boring. My sister, cousin, and I tried to make the best of the long car ride by listening to all of Justin’s albums and making our moms memorize all of the songs! After listening to every single one of his songs a couple of times, it seemed as though there was nothing else to do. One thing that I did enjoy about the car ride, (besides the music) was seeing the mountains, that because of recent rains, were filled with thousands of blooming yellow flowers!!image

If you don’t know by now, Justin Bieber is my all time favorite person in the entire world. I have been in love with Justin Bieber since his very first song came out, “One Time” in 2009. Justin is a role model to thousands of people and he continues to surprise and brighten up the lives of his fans including me! During the concert, I was in shock and at first, I didn’t really believe that was actually happening. I couldn’t grasp the fact that I was there, listening to him perform live. For people who don’t really like him, this might not seem like a big deal, but for people who are basically in love with him, this is pretty much a BIG deal. I was fortunate enough to have floor tickets and had the “Where Are You Now” VIP package, which included a hat and other fun memorabilia. His opening acts came out, which were Moxie Raia and Post Malone. They were good, but I wasn’t really excited about seeing them.


THEN… The moment I had been waiting for since 2012 (the last concert i attended):’) My favorite person in the world came out in a glass box with the opening song of ‘Mark My Words’. I’m being completely honest here, my heart stopped for what seemed to be a good 2 minutes, and I think blacked out and was in complete shock. I snapped out of that and began to scream, and by the end of the night, I nearly lost my voice.


I was very tempted to run up on the stage and get even closer to Justin, but I was on Floor 1 so I wasn’t too far, and I also didn’t want to get kicked out of the concert and jeopardize my concert experience. So, I refrained from running up. The concert was absolutely amazing and super fun, especially because I knew all of the songs and of course, I was at a JUSTIN BIEBER concert!!! Two hours later, the night came to a beautiful end, and my heart was content. Now, lets talk about after the concert. Ever since the day I got to see him up close, I have been watching YouTube video interviews and I even emailed his manager, Scooter Braun in hopes of possibly bringing  Justin, or even Scooter, to the MAD academy to see what we do and possibly have them get involved. Crazy I know, but worth a try.image

Then something crazy happened, this past Sunday, I was casually having breakfast with my friend Isabel Tarafa at Jeannine’s in Montecito, and I see this man with a baby in his arms. I then see him give the baby to a woman, and then he kept walking. I noticed he looked very familiar. Then it came to me, it was Justin Bieber’s Manager, Scooter Braun!!! The guy I had just emailed 2 days before!! He was here in Santa Barbara and I freaked out. Instead of going up to him and saying something, I called my mom. She told me to calm down and build up the courage to introduce myself, well, I didn’t. Everyday since then I regret not saying anything, but hey, I froze up, and my mind was somewhere else:(image


Many people have negative opinions about Justin, because of some of the bad choices he’s made, but in the end, everyone is human and will make mistakes or do things that we later regret. For example, I extremely regret not saying anything to Scooter, but that already happened and it’s in the past now. In one of his songs he says, “Life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel – Don’t forget that i’m human, don’t forget that i’m real”. Even though Justin has done somethings that the media is not proud of, his music is more important than his actions as a 22 year old. And his music helps many people in different ways. He named his album “Purpose” because he was lost for a bit then he went back to music and found his purpose in life. People could disagree with that, but that’s just their opinion and at the end of the day, we all might get lost for a bit and later find our path and our own purpose. So, that was my Bieber experience.

With love,



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