breathe in breathe out

this week was a very uneventful week… partly because I had a “social restriction” put on me. Which basically means, GROUNDED! Which isn’t a bad thing during this time of year because it gives me time to re-focus myself and get a head start on projects and homework. Now i’m not saying grounding or being grounded is a good thing because in some ways its actually really horrible.imageimageimage

So let me tell you about my not so fun/calm/boring week! To start off the week, I had a horrible Monday… My allergies were absolutely terrible and I could barely open my eyes by fifth period. The next day, Tuesday, was a bit better but I would still rather be at home instead of school. Okay now Wednesday is probably my favorite day besides Friday because Wednesday I have late start and block schedule and for the most part I like my classes that day. I have MAD with the infamous AJ Henning and Bio with my all time favorite teacher Mrs. Kahn. So Wednesdays are pretty fun and block schedule allows me to get more work done in class instead of having tons of homework later in the day. Oh I forgot, I have English FIRST period…image

Okay now, take a breath! I’m not done. So Thursday is probably my least favorite day, with one exception, I love my AP world teacher but she’s been gone for about 2 weeks now and we have had a variety of substitute teachers. Then I have PE which is just…gross. Then after I have a nice lunch I have to walk back into the prison doors that lead to Math class. I’d rather not talk about that class since it gives me a stomach ache! Now it’s Friday!! yay! who doesn’t like Fridays?! The day starts off pretty rough i’m not going to lie, another day of sitting in English and of course listening to the lovely/ very helpful words that come out of my teachers mouth. Then a test in World History which always ends beautifully. (lots of sarcasm). After that there’s a bit of a break and a sort of calmness in third period with the one and only Aj. Blah Blah the day goes on and I am soon at home, at peace, and my hectic, boring, and calm week is over. Then the next week comes a long and its the same old story. So this week was my week to breathe in and breathe out and I was thankful for that, it was sort of like the calm before the storm (finals, AP tests, and other overwhelming things) What I learned from this week was that its sort of nice to have a few days of calmness and if there’s ever a time when you have one of THOSE crazy weeks just breathe in and breathe out.

with love,




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