coachella, weekend 2

This past Friday through Sunday I attended the Coachella Music and Arts Festival!! To say the absolute least… it was amazing, and every part of the trip was uniquely memorable. So let’s start at the beginning of this trip.  I went to Coachella with one of my best friends, Isabel Tarafa:) We had a little bit of a delay leaving, because Isabel accidentally shaved a piece of her finger off, and her finger would not stop bleeding…gross right? So while she tried controlling the blood that was gushing from her finger, we got on the road!! Two hours into our road trip , we all were  hungry and stopped at no other than In ‘n Out Burgers. Here are pictures of Isabel with her wounded hand holding her food 🙂

image image

That would be our last stop until we arrived at our destination. A couple of more stop lights and we arrived at La Quinta Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The entrance to the hotel was absolutely beautiful, but Isabel and I didn’t really care much about or pay attention to the hotel, our main concern was getting to the festival!! So we settled in and prepared ourselves for what turned out to be an experience of a life time! After hardly being able to sleep, we woke up the next morning, quickly called room service to get some breakfast before heading out to begin our day! The gates to the festival opened at 11am, and we got there at about 12:15. Our adventures were about to begin. You see, Coachella has been on my mind for a good six months and has been a repeat topic of conversation in my household. The anticipation has been building up, and now, all of it would become a reality. VIP wristband-check, sunglasses-check, fanny pack-check. We were ready. We walked in, and there was just so much to see everywhere you turned. From art installations to food stops, endless seas of humans. Coachella even created an app for your phone to help you organize your day’s events. The main headliners for that day wouldn’t start until later in the night, so we made the best of our day until then.  We had lunch in the VIP Garden and planned our adventure.  After lunch, we went to check out some of the other smaller tents/stages. Our first stop was the Yuma. We then walked what felt like almost a mile to the Sahara Tent!! Personally, that was my favorite tent because that was where all of the fun DJ’s were performing, and where EVERYONE was dancing and having what seemed to be a good time! It was pretty empty during the day, but at about 5pm or so, the place filled up. And once it did, you knew the night was just starting.


The first performer we saw was DJ Carmack, that was pretty fun. The next person that I was actually looking forward to seeing was James Bay. His  performance was very entertaining, and it was touching to hear everyone sing along to his songs. Then, what turned out to be one of my personal favorites of the day, Matoma performed. Not many people know much about him, but he’s one of those DJ’s where if someone were to play one of his songs, you would immediately recognize and know who he was. His performance was SO much fun because his music would make people move and be happy. I think I enjoyed this one the most mainly because we were so close to the stage, and also because Matoma played songs that everyone knew and could dance to. Then, when Isabel and I thought it couldn’t get any better … Matoma brought out Nico and Vinz, and sang “Am I Wrong”. Now, hold on, I’m  not done yet… Matoma introduced his next special guest, which turned out to be Akon!! It doesn’t, and may not sound like a big deal, but I mean, I don’t think anyone has seen Akon perform for a while, and so his appearance turned out to be a big surprise. Here’s a picture of Akon’s big comeback:


I could go on and on about every performance we saw, but then this post would be many pages long . Lucky for you, this is the short version. To wrap things up, I’ll briefly tell you about our experience at Disclosure, the return of NWA, and the amazing Chainsmokers! I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ice Cube, but to say the least, he did deliver what the people wanted, AND brought back what was left of the notorious NWA, one word, amazing! The Chainsmokers were absolutely amazing, and not to mention, Drew and Alex are insanely attractive and they certainly know how to work the crowd:)  I was extremely excited about Disclosure because I have been a huge fan for a while now. I promised my sister I would get a video of her favorite song,  “Omen”, so I did just that, and more. I am pretty short, so my arms were getting pretty tired of holding up my phone to record and take pictures.  This was happening even before the song I had promised to record came on, so I decided to ask to get on the shoulders of a friend whom we had just met. He was standing next to us also waiting for the concert to start. This guy was taller than almost everyone else around us, add a 5’3 girl to the top of his shoulders, and we have the perfect setup for recording video and getting great pictures. What more could I have asked for? No hands in my way, no one blocking my view, good music playing, I was on top of the world!! My expectations were definitely met and I felt complete. The waiting was over, I was now living what for so long had only been conversations. I was here! My time at Coachella is one that I will always cherish, and definitely one I will always remember.


Waiting for Disclosure to start like...
Waiting for Disclosure to start like…




with love,



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