ok GPA now lets get in 4.omation

Hello beautiful readers of my blog, if you didn’t seem to catch up on my title…I’ll fill you in. It is a reference to one of Beyonce’s new hits called Formation but I found this mix up on twitter. This week something exciting happened!! I met one of my favorite bands (locals to Santa Barbara) at the shop cafe during lunch time, I quietly and nervously asked for a picture and they all happily responded with a ‘of course’ and that made my week a little bit better but not for too long.
 Anyways school is almost over which is kind of good king of bad, good because… duh its summer and who doesn’t love summer? And bad because the end of a school year means FINALS and who doesn’t love finals am i right? Wrong. The end of the year leads to many different things, stress, a bit of happiness, and stress once again. Once you’ve come into may its as if everything is getting harder and easier in the most confusing way possible. But once you are finished with may and go into the last week of school, now thats when things change, everyone says their goodbyes or see you soon and we go on with our lives as we enter summer. Moving on, because I would like to think of summer as little as possible right now because I still have 1 month of school left:( Anyways the one thing that has been keeping me sane during this horrible time of the year is of course the wonderful Justin Bieber. So when the day comes to an end and another stressful day is about to end I turn on some Justin bieber to block out the real world. Anyways sorry for the boring post this week, next weeks (Friday) will be much better and something new too! 🙂 so good luck to everyone during finals and stay calm during these rough days! You can do it! 

with love,



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